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MarineNav Computer Equipment and Products

Marine Grade Products

MarineNav Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of high quality marine grade displays and computer systems. We also carry a full line of advanced vessel monitoring (AVM) systems, marine grade cameras, ruggedized handheld computers, and remotely operated vehicles.

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MarineNav products are built in North America

Custom & OEM Manufacturing

MarineNav Ltd. specializes in concept design, prototyping and manufacturing of marine displays, computer systems and top-side units. As a medium-sized company, MarineNav gives you the one-on-one attention that you won’t find with larger manufacturers. Because all aspects of our business are kept in-house and never out-sourced, we are able to provide our clients with a customized product built to the highest standards at a cost-competitive price point.

MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO certified manufacturer and is registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.