We design and manufacture underwater rov systems, BESPOKE MARINE-GRADE COMPUTERS, DISPLAYS, AVM systems and FLEET MANAGEMENT software


We are a globally recognized, independently owned Canadian company employing a dedicated team of engineers, designers, technicians and ROV specialists. With an ever-growing global distribution network of authorized MarineNav affiliates, our products are at work around the world. We're based in Prince Edward Island, Canada and we design, engineer, manufacture, and rigorously test all products on-site.

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer support. MarineNav's product support team is involved in the design, manufacturing and product support of all products we sell. Our staff's knowledge, expertise and familiarity with our clients ensure any problems that may arise are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. The majority of MarineNav products are protected by an extensive two-year limited warranty*, with MarineNav ROV systems protected by our Peace of Mind Guarantee.□

MarineNav Designed, Engineered and Manufactured In-House, In Canada


Independently certified to perform to depths of 400 meters, our ROVs are the choice of professionals.

Mission-ready ROV systems are rich in features, including ROV power over tether design, vectorized thrusters that provide lateral ROV movement and touch-sensitive proprietary flight control software integrated with easy-to-use ROV hand controllers.

• Designed, manufactured and assembled on-site
• Portable (shipped in hardshell transport cases)
• Minimum set-up time
• Easy to fly
• Budget-friendly

MarineNav inspection class ROVs. Pictured is MarineNav's Oceanus Mini, capable of fitting within a 12 inch opening
MarineNav Marine Grade Computers - Leviathan Series. All MarineNav computers are covered by a two-year limited warranty. Some restrictions apply.

True marine-grade computers

Built to exacting ISO standards, our bespoke marine-grade computers are built on-site to your specific requirements.

Our marine-grade computers average a standard mean time before failure (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. Multi-layer vibration dampening and anti-shock technology are at the core of each system and finished in salt-rated, UV-protected marine-grade powder coating inside and out.

• Full customization options
• Easy-to-use built-in emergency backup system
• Two-year limited warranty* 

MarineNav Marine Grade Displays available in a variety of sizes and backed by a two-year limited warranty. Some restrictions apply.

Rugged marine-grade displays

Internationally recognized for their quality and reliability, our displays are trusted by defence agencies worldwide.

Precision-built displays manufactured with high-strength marine-grade aluminum and finished in salt-rated, UV-protected powder coating inside and out. Customization options ensure there is a MarineNav display suited to your needs. Mil-spec options are available.

• One-touch input selection
• Easy to see and use dedicated backlit front controls
• One-touch red monochrome night mode
Two-year limited warranty*

AVM & Fleet Management. Used to monitor crucial vessel operations systems AVM partnered with Fleet Management software provide remote users comprehensive data to diagnose and monitor an entire fleet.

AVM and fleet management

Providing users remote access of real-time readings of all ship data within your fleet anywhere you need it.

Advanced Vessel Monitoring (AVM) is proprietary MarineNav software designed to collect real-time vessel data (including vessel positioning, error codes and other mission-critical information) viewed remotely to improve fleet efficiency and proactively anticipate required vessel maintenance.

• Easy to navigate software user interface
• Monitor up to 50 fleet vessels
• Increased trip efficiency and crew accountability
• Reduction in operating costs
• Two-year limited warranty*

The MarineNav Advantage



Marinenav is registered as a CGP company

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a registration and compliance program that regulates access to controlled goods in Canada. Controlled goods are primary goods that have military or national security significance. 

MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

Our certified Quality Management System ensures that each product we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements.


Proven and trusted excellence

Our reputation for manufacturing bespoke marine-grade products (with failure rates of 0.8% over five years) attests to our commitment to excellence.

Knowledgeable and passionate people

Designers, engineers and technicians with decades of experience in information technology and manufacturing industries lead MarineNav product innovation.

Designed and precision-built on-site in Canada

MarineNav designs manufactures, assembles and tests all products on-site in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

MarineNav authorized distribution network 

MarineNav products are available through a growing network of authorized distributors across four continents.

Extensive product warranties

Many MarineNav products are covered by an extensive two-year limited warranty.*


Personalized customer service

No call centres. Quick response and issue resolution. Speak directly to the team responsible for your product build.

Our Manufacturing capabilities

Video Description

Globally recognized for their superior design and low failure rate, we design, manufacture and assemble all MarineNav products on-site.

MarineNav specializes in concept design, prototyping, and manufacturing marine-grade displays, computers, and ROV systems. We are a medium-sized company providing one-on-one attention not found with other manufacturers. All aspects of our business operations are kept in-house and never outsourced. We can provide our clients with a customized product built to the highest standards at a competitive price.

We can help you grow your brand through our personal labelling and technical support services. With our experience providing prototypes to full-scale production runs, MarineNav has proven it is an ideal manufacturing partner. Our products meet required specifications and standards, including IEC, type approvals, and military specifications. MarineNav is an ISO-certified manufacturer registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

CAD illustration of exterior of marine display with embedded computer. MarineNav's in-house designers will work with you to develop prototypes from initial consultation, to prototype development, to full production of final product.
Prototype fabrication

We take never-before-seen ideas from concept design to finished prototype. Whether you have a general idea or concept drawings and plans, we can prepare the required CAD designs to turn your ideas into a reality.

Our fabrication facilities allow us to develop all aspects of your project in-house, which ensures complete control over the entire process. We can also accommodate meetings between your design team and our engineers and provide in-house product testing and trials. MarineNav offers a confidential environment protecting your intellectual property.

All MarineNav products are designed, manufactured and assembled on-site. MarineNav employs a staff of designers, machinists, electrical engineers and ROV specialists. MarineNav machinist pictured operating CNC machine.
Full scale production

MarineNav Ltd. conducts rigorous burn-in tests and quality control on every product we produce. Never outsourced, the systems we sell are built and tested on-site in our Canadian facility. Research, development, manufacturing and aftercare technical support are conducted on-site at our manufacturing facility.

When you speak to a MarineNav customer service representative you are speaking the same staff responsible for your product build. Knowledgable, resourceful, experienced. We're here to help.
Additional value added services

Structured to your company's individual needs. MarineNav's customer service offers the following value-added services:

• Dedicated technical support
• Remote login support
• Customized packaging
• Private labelling
• Installation guides and manuals
• Flexible warranty packages

MarineNav's certifications

MarineNav Ltd. products pass rigorous IEC 60945 vibration, EMC and environmental tests conducted in A2LA-certified laboratories to ensure the product's performance in harsh environments such as continuous exposure to dry heat, cold and hot temperatures, humidity, high voltage, vibration, power surges, and shock. Tested products meet compliance with Type Approval Rules of DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Certification Standard No. 2.4, April 2006.

Download the MarineNav product certification chart >

ISO certified since 2011, our quality management system ensures all MarineNav products are built to the highest standards. Click to view ISO certification.

MarineNav Ltd. has been ISO 9001 certified since 2011. Our certified Quality Management System ensures that each unit we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements.

View ISO Certificate >

View a list of MarineNav products that meet DNV type approval.

To ensure conformance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements, all electronics used on the bridge of a commercial vessel must pass Type Approval and test procedures developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IEC60945 Environmental Standards.

View DNV Type Approval Certificate >

View listings of MarineNav products that meet UKCA, CE and RoHS compliance standards

MarineNav Ltd. has a number of self-declarations for other standards requirements. Click one of the links below to view these documents.

View UKCA Declaration >
View CE Declaration >
View RoHS Declaration >

(IEC) is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. IMO requirements specify the use of the IEC 60945 testing standards. View IEC 60945 Certificates.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. IMO requirements specify the use of the IEC 60945 testing standards.

View IEC 60945 Certificates >

MarineNav products meet FCC compliance. View the documentation.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States government that regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. Digital equipment must comply to FCC standards in order to provide reasonable protection against interference.

View FCC Statement >

MarineNav is a Controlled Goods Program facility. View certification here.

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a registration and compliance program that regulates access to controlled goods in Canada. Controlled goods are primary goods that have military or national security significance.

View CGP Registration >

Built North Atlantic tough, trusted everywhere

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Interested in becoming a distributor of MarineNav products?

MarineNav values our dealer partnerships. We provide distributors with globally recognized, trusted marine-grade products, all backed by excellent customer service and comprehensive technical support. To become a MarineNav Ltd. distributor, print out an application form and fax it to +1 (902) 838 2833.

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Terms and conditions

* MarineNav offers a two-year limited warranty on most products upon registering the product within the first year of purchase. Conditions apply.
□ All Oceanus ROV systems are protected by MarineNav's Peace of Mind Guarantee. Conditions apply.  >

MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our certified Quality Management System ensures that each unit we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements. While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all items and descriptions in this document, this is not always possible. Specifications, options, pricing, and product availability are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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