Oceanus Ultimate rov system

MarineNav's most powerful ROV system provides users with the greatest flexibility to accessorize with MarineNav smart ROV attachments and optional third-party accessories including DVL and USBL systems for full auto-pilot capabilities.

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MarineNav's Oceanus Ultimate ROV system includes the following:

• Oceanus Ultimate ROV
• Oceanus Ultimate ROV Topside Control Case
• Proprietary ROV Flight Control Software
• Oceanus Handheld Controller / Joystick (v4.0)
• A multi-function wireless keyboard
• 26-ballast weight bolts and nuts
• An AC power cable and IP65 HDMI cable
• Spare fasteners kit
• IP-rated rugged hard-shell transport cases
• Operator manual and documentation
• MarineNav's 2-year limited warranty*

Distinctive eight-vectorized thruster design and built-in autopilot feature provide ultimate maneuverability when needed most. Dual full HD1080P video cameras provide extensive front and rear views.

Includes the Oceanus Ultimate ROV, the Oceanus Ultimate Topside Control System and the Oceanus Hand Controller (v4.0)

Our Oceanus Ultimate ROV system features a unique eight-vectorized thruster configuration enabling a range of ROV motion that includes sustained submersible pitch and roll maneuverability. Pitching the nose of the ROV forward or back greatly enhances the ROVs ability to effectively use onboard camera systems, manipulator arms, sonar systems, and other attachments, and roll maneuverability allows for effective navigating of restrictive areas and Auto Stabilize functionality locks the ROV's current position when optimum ROV positioning is critical during dive missions.

Built-in ROV autopilot feature follows preset vector-based mapping waypoints measured against collected DVL data when an optional DVL system is integrated. Developed for semi-autonomous ROV flight, the standard autopilot feature incorporates complex GPS and DVL technologies with a simple vector-based mapping interface to create ROV flight missions faithfully executed by the ROV system.

Standard features include

    An unparalleled control system and superior thruster performance deliver fully vectorized ROV maneuverability.
    No onboard battery means virtually unlimited dive times.
    Eight high-output thruster engines provide powerful ROV thrust in adverse conditions. (Speed test conducted with ROV fitted with performance Float Block and absence of all ballast weights)
  • DEPTH RATING OF 305m (1000 ft)
    The Oceanus Ultimate ROV is independently certified to a depth of 305m (1000ft). An optional system upgrade to a maximum depth of 500 m (1640 ft).
  • ROV WEIGHT OF 30.25 kg (66.7 Lb)
    ROV estimated dry weight (Does not include ballast weight system).
    The Oceanus Ultimate features six front-facing 1500 Lumen lights and two rear-facing 1500 Lumen lights. Control the brightness of all lights via the topside Flight Control System software or with button commands through the Oceanus Ultimate hand controller (v4.0).
    Front and rear-facing 1080P HD camera systems. Toggle control from front to rear view cameras with simple touch commands via the topside Flight Control System software or by button commands through the Oceanus Ultimate hand controller (v4.0).
    Eight powerful vectorized thrusters provide up to 8 kg (17.6 Lb) of ROV lifting power.
    MarineNav's Oceanus Joystick Handheld Controller controls all directional movements of the ROV, including sustained lateral movement and sustained pitch and roll maneuverability.
    18.5" TFT active matrix panel, 1600 nits brightness (full daylight readable), 1024 x 786 resolution.
    The topside control case features a large built-in SSD which stores hours of content.
    Supporting: Ethernet / Spare pair / Manipulator / USB / 12V / 24V DC.
    Allows position hold and semi-autonomous use.
    Our proprietary Flight Control Software user interface is a touch-sensitive array of command modules that display all essential ROV functions on a secondary 10.1-inch TFT touch active matrix panel (1000 nits brightness, full daylight readable, 1280 x 800 resolution).
    Real-time data includes recording time, voltage, water temperature, depth, and date/time stamp. Heading and attitude are overlaid or embedded with video, and operator input lines are available. GPS coordinates are displayed as an overlay option when paired with an accessory, enabled data entry field with a customized logo available.
    Internally saved, persist through power cycles.
    Our Oceanus Multiport communication system allows rapid integration of third-party accessories, software and external processors.
    Share streaming data captured by the ROV's onboard camera to an external HD monitor by conveniently connecting via the topside HDMI video out port.
    Allows operator screen sharing to multiple parties.
    Monitor the status and health of the ROV remotely for complete asset management of one or multiple systems.
    The Oceanus Ultimate ROV has four built-in auxiliary ports to work with a wide range of MarineNav and third-party ROV accessories. (1 x ethernet, 2 x RS485 / Manipulator / USBL / 12V / 24 DC).
    MarineNav's Peace of Mind Guarantee and 2-year limited warranty provide extended coverage on your purchase.*

Ultimate maneuverability when it’s needed most

 Control all ROV directional movement including; controlled lateral movement and sustained pitch and roll maneuverability, with MarineNav's Oceanus Ultimate hand controller (v4.0).

North Atlantic Tough. Trusted Everywhere.

MarineNav's Oceanus Ultimate ROV system includes these features.
The Oceanus Ultimate ROV system ships in weather-proof, portable hard-shell cases.
Portable, mission-ready ROVs that can be set up and deployed within minutes by a single person.

Fully assembled ROV system components are delivered in portable, waterproof cases easily wheeled or carried by a single individual. Connection of ROV components to easily identifiable connection ports and quick computer boot-up sequence minimizes set-up time for ROV deployment.

ROV System includes comprehensive operator manuals that will have you familiarized with and flying your MarineNav ROV quickly.

ROV chassis is manufactured from anodized metal.
ROV chassis is manufactured from anodized metal. Independently certified.

We incorporate proven marine-grade materials and components in all our ROV systems, including metalwork fabricated on-site from machine-milled marine-grade aluminum, protected by an anodized finish. Rigorous testing of all ROV components ensures our ROV systems withstand extensive use in the harshest conditions. MarineNav ROV systems are independently certified to a standard depth of 300 meters.

Rugged carbon fiber construction. Vectorized thrusters design. ROV power to spare.
Rugged carbon fibre construction.
Vectorized thrusters design.

ROV power to spare.

Eight powerful vectorized thruster engines generate ROV speed of up to 6 knots, Oceanus ROV systems provide top-of-class speed and lift capabilities, and lateral axis ROV movement is standard.

The carbon fibre thruster assembly makes these extremely durable, especially in ice-cold water. Unlike typical plastic thrusters, our thrusters withstand drops, dirt, scrapes, and bumps.

Power over tether design.
Power over tether design.

MarineNav ROV tether provides communications, streaming video and a pair of independent auxiliary conductors for compatible ROV accessory use with no noticeable electrical interruption or video lag tested to tether lengths of 500 meters. MarineNav neutrally buoyant ROV tether is made from regionally sourced and fabricated components and is available as measured or custom-cut tether lengths.

Pair your ROV tether with a MarineNav Tether Deployment system. Our tether deployment reels can accommodate tether lengths measuring up to 600 meters.

Streaming 1080P HD video feed. Full +/- 180° tilt camera gimbal.
Streaming 1080P HD video feed.
Full +/- 180° tilt camera gimbal.

Protected by side bumpers and a resilient acrylic front-facing dome, MarineNav's 1080P high-definition camera captures real-time streaming video and stunning still images. A redesigned camera gimbal system enables +/- 180° tilt control and a 120° field of view via the ROV systems onboard front camera system.

Streaming video is viewed on the Topside Control Case's 18.5" TFT active matrix widescreen video display, while the HDMI out port allows for connection to another HD display.

Featuring a fixed position rear 1080P HD camera. Control camera view using topside FCS software or by toggling between hand controller buttons.
Intuitive ROV directional algorithm adjusts to the camera view.

Switch views from the front-facing camera to the secondary rear-facing 1080p full HD fixed position camera with your Oceanus Ultimate handheld joystick controller or touch-sensitive FCS software interface.

A built-in ROV algorithm switches engine thrust to correspond with your selected camera view. There is no need to rethink your handheld controller joystick commands as they remain the same regardless of which camera system you engage.

Responsive ROV hand controllers. Rugged topside ROV control hub. Touch-sensitive software.
Responsive ROV hand controllers.
Rugged topside ROV control hub. Touch-sensitive software.

Flying an Oceanus ROV is easy, even with no previous experience, when using our ROV hand controllers and integrated Flight Control System (FCS) software. A hand-held Hall-effect joystick controller provides precise ROV piloting and access to many ROV functions, while intuitive touch-sensitive proprietary FCS software viewed on a dedicated 10.1" touch-sensitive topside display enables pilots to access crucial ROV data modules, allowing changes to ROVs on the fly.

Increase ROV functionality with MarineNav designed and third-party ROV attachments.
Increase ROV functionality with MarineNav designed and third-party ROV attachments.

MarineNav produces a range of ROV accessories designed to perform task-specific functions crucial to the success of your dive mission. Our in-house design team will work with you to develop a bespoke attachment for your required need.

MarineNav ROV systems are compatible with many popular third-party brand ROV attachments. Contact us for information regarding third-party ROV accessories or any proprietary MarineNav ROV attachments.

International sales and support are provided by an extensive network of authorized distributors.
International sales and support are provided by an extensive network of authorized distributors.

MarineNav products are available through an authorized distribution network spanning four continents. A growing number of international sales and support staff ensures help is available when you need it, wherever you may be.

ROV staff conducting system tests prior to delivery to client.

Mil-Spec options available. Contact MarineNav for current pricing, specifications and availability. >

MarineNav Designed, Engineered and Manufactured In-House, In Canada
Increase ROV functionality with MarineNav designed and third-party ROV attachments.

increase productivity with rOV accessories

Our passion is building fully customized display units from the ground up for our customers. Our in-house design and manufacturing department will manufacture a fully customized display unit to meet your requirements.

We design, manufacture and assemble all products at our facility in PEI, Canada.


Be it a day, week, month, or longer, MarineNav ROVs are available for rent. Choose from MarineNav's Oceanus Mini, Pro or Ultimate ROV system. Each rental has been individually tested and equipped with a single-axis manipulator and 40 meters of ROV tether. Optional upgrades are available.

ROV service packages

Neglecting regular servicing of your ROV could mean costly future repairs and may nullify your Oceanus ROV system warranty. ROV maintenance and service conducted by qualified MarineNav staff. Our service packages will ensure your ROV is operating to optimal levels.

Terms and conditions

* MarineNav’s two year limited warranty is made available upon registering your MarineNav ROV system within the first year of purchase. For ROV warranty to be valid all scheduled ROV maintenance must be followed according to manufacturers guidelines. The following restrictions apply;

a) MarineNav Ltd warrants that tether supplied with ROV systems or supplied separately will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of ninety (90) days from date of shipment.

b) MarineNav Ltd warrants that tether whips that were provided as part of an ROV system at time of original shipment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of six (6) months from date of shipment.

c) MarineNav Ltd warrants that thruster motors that were provided as part of an ROV system at time of original shipment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. This does not include wearable parts such as propellers, which are considered a consumable item. Tampering, misuse and regular wear are not covered by warranties.

d) MarineNav Ltd warranties exclude corrosion that may occur on ROV metallic parts caused in part by improper cleaning and storage of ROV after each mission. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper cleaning and maintenance of your ROV system.

× While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all items and descriptions in this document, this is not always possible. Specifications, options, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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