MarineNav ROV systems are designed and manufactured in Canada. Each system undergoes extensive quality standards and performance tests prior to delivery


MarineNav has applied 15+ years of expertise and experience developing marine displays, computers and software to create the worlds leading inspection-class ROV lineup.

Whether you select an Oceanus Mini, Oceanus Pro, or Oceanus Ultimate ROV system, you purchase a made-in-Canada product designed and manufactured using proven marine-grade materials and superior construction techniques.

All systems are rigorously water tested before delivery, with every MarineNav ROV supported by our Peace of Mind Guarantee and a comprehensive two-year limited warranty. And when needed, dedicated customer support phone lines connect you with on-site ROV specialists who designed and built your Oceanus ROV system.


MarineNav Oceanus ROV platforms consist of four core ROV components; the Oceanus ROV, the Oceanus topside control case, the Oceanus handheld controller and connecting ROV tether. 

MarineNav Designed, Engineered and Manufactured In-House, In Canada
North Atlantic Tough. Trusted Everywhere.

Constant design reviews and system improvements resulted in MarineNav ROVs becoming industry-leading inspection class vehicles. In 2018, MarineNav introduced its first version of the Oceanus class ROV to consumers receiving great initial reviews. Increased year-to-year sales and an ever-growing distribution network have contributed to MarineNav inspection class ROVs being the proven choice of professionals across all marine-sector industries.   

Rigorous testing and feedback from our valued customers have driven our research and development team to develop a remotely operated vehicle that is rugged, durable and competitively priced. MarineNav's ISO 9001 certification and quality management system ensure that each unit we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements. Each ROV is hand-assembled from marine-grade ROV components, many of which are manufactured on-site.

oceanus rov

Image of MarineNav ROVs. From left; the Oceanus Pro, the Oceanus Ultimate and the Oceanus Mini

MarineNav's Oceanus ROV standard features

Rugged and lightweight, ROV core construction of marine-grade machine-milled aluminum
Rugged and lightweight, ROV core construction of marine-grade machine-milled aluminum.

We build all MarineNav ROV systems by hand to strict ISO standards. We use the best quality marine-grade components, and assembling each unit by hand provides our clients with craftsmanship not seen in other ROV systems. Each system undergoes rigorous testing before delivery.

In-house anodizing finish applied to ROV metalwork provides superior protection from corrosion
The In-house anodizing process to ROV metalwork provides superior protection from corrosion.

MarineNav ROVs are built with anodized metalwork to better protect against corrosion and general wear. Our on-site anodizing service ensures all components meet the highest standard of finish.

Carbon fiber infused 3-D printed components created on-site from proprietary CAD design templates
Carbon fibre-infused 3-D printed components created on-site from proprietary CAD design templates.

Carbon fibre components are durable, especially in ice-cold water. Unlike typical plastic ROV components, these can endure drops, dirt, scrapes, and bumps.

3D print technology allows us to manufacture thruster components such as cowlings and props on-site, so replacement parts are always available.

Vectorized thrusters design and powerful engines enable true lateral ROV movement
Vectorized thrusters design and powerful engines enable true lateral ROV movement.

Capable of dynamic ROV motion that includes true lateral, forward, vertical and rotational movement, the vectorized thruster design provides unmatched ROV control and stability, even in strong currents. Increased levels of ROV stability offer users ease of piloting and operation of ROV accessories.

Re-designed proprietary camera gimbal system with vertical tilt functionality
Re-designed proprietary camera gimbal system with vertical tilt functionality.

Designed and 3D printed in-house, the camera gimbal provides vertical tilt functionality to ROV front camera system.

Vertical tilt control Mini ROV
+/- 120-degree vertical tilt.

Vertical tilt control Pro & Ultimate ROV
full +/- 180-degree vertical tilt control.

1080P High Definition camera system with 120 degree field of view delivers stunning imagery
1080P High Definition camera system with 120 degree field of view delivers stunning imagery.

The internal camera system provides full 1080P streaming HD video and image capture with a 120-degree field of view.

Camera focus range Mini ROV
Fixed from 4" to infinity.

Camera focus range Pro & Ultimate ROV From the face of the front dome housing to infinity with manual control.

Watch demonstration video >

Powerful 1500 Lumen lights with incremental brightness adjustment
Powerful 1500 Lumen lights with incremental brightness adjustment.

Oceanus ROVs feature the following light configurations:

Oceanus Mini ROV
Two front-facing 1500 Lumen lights.

Oceanus Pro ROV 
Four front-facing 1500 Lumen lights.

Oceanus Ultimate ROV
Six front-facing 1500 Lumen lights and two rear-facing 1500 Lumen lights.

ROV auxiliary ports provide flexible options to accessorize your ROV
ROV auxiliary ports provide flexible options to accessorize your ROV.

Oceanus ROVs feature the following Auxiliary Port configurations:

Oceanus Mini ROV
1 auxiliary port: capable of 1 x RS485 / Manip / 15VDC).

Oceanus Pro ROV
3 auxiliary port: capable of 1 x RS485 + Manip / 15VDC.

Oceanus Ultimate ROV
4 auxiliary ports: 1 x ethernet, 3 x RS485 / Manip / 12V / 24 DC / aux camera.


MarineNav has applied 15 years of expertise and experience developing marine-grade displays and computers to create the operational hub of the Oceanus ROV platform. MarineNav's Oceanus topside control case is a portable, self-contained IP-rated component providing easy connectivity to the remaining ROV system components. A large viewing screen, a touch-sensitive ROV command screen, a variety of ports and a massive internal data drive are just some of the features that distinguish our ROV control system from our competitors.

MarineNAV's oceanus topside control case

The Topside Control Case is the operational hub of all MarineNav ROV systems. Pictured are topsides for the Oceanus Mini/Pro and Oceanus Ultimate ROV systems

The Oceanus Mini / Pro topside control case in hammertone gray finish (left). The Oceanus Ultimate topside control case in ghost grey finish (right).

Standard Oceanus topside features include:

  • IP Rated, Canadian manufactured transport case
    With a reputation for building the world's best protective cases, the NANUK 940 hard case was a natural fit to house our topside control system.
  • A topside control case compatible with both Oceanus Mini and Pro ROVs
    Dual platform compatibility allows for easy ROV upgrades. Add another Mini or Pro ROV to your existing Mini or Pro ROV system.   
  • Lightweight, easily transported by a single person
    The Oceanus Mini / Pro topside case weighs approximately 18.05 kg (39.8 Lb), while the Oceanus Ultimate weighs approximately 20.65 kg (45.5 Lb).
  • Operational within 60 seconds
    Oceanus Mini / Pro power input: 100/240 V AC 50/60 Hz.
    Oceanus Ultimate power input: Input: 200-240 V AC, 3000 watts (optional 90-240V AC input available).
  • Large primary video display
    18.5 inch TFT active matrix panel, 1600 nits brightness (full daylight readable), 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • Touch-sensitive secondary display 
    10.1 inch TFT Touch active matrix panel, 1000 nits brightness (full daylight readable), 1280 x 800 resolution.
  • Built-in safety features
    GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) / Circuit Breaker and Isometer.
  • Topside port configurations
    Oceanus Mini / Pro: HDMI video out, 2 USBs, 1 LAN (Ethernet), 1 Multi-Port.
    Oceanus Ultimate: HDMI video out, 3 USBs, 1 LAN (Ethernet), 1 Multi-Port.
  • Massive internal data storage capacity
    Oceanus Mini / Pro: 500 GB solid-state drive topside.
    Oceanus Ultimate: 1 Terabyte solid state drive topside.

proprietary flight control system software

Responding to the feedback and recommendations from our customers, our software developers worked closely with our engineers to create The Oceanus Flight Control System software. An all-in-one is easy to use solution to flying your ROV effortlessly. Our software works in conjunction with the Oceanus Joystick hand control.

Full working versions of MarineNav's Flight Control System software included with the Oceanus Mini, Pro and Ultimate ROV systems. MarineNav's Oceanus Mini Lite ROV features a lite version of FCS software specially adapted to work on a PC tablet.

  • Controlled from a dedicated 10.1-inch resistive touch screen separate from the video viewing monitor ( Mini, Pro and Ultimate ROV Systems).
  • IMU sensors are always on, integrated with an accelerometer and magnetometer. Measuring telemetry includes tilt, roll, pitch, heading, auto heading and depth functions.
  • Depth gauge calibrated in feet or meters (user selectable).
  • Settings internally save and persist through power cycles.
  • Lock ROV position by touch command.
  • Expand software modules and use sliders.
  • Export dive history data to .CSV format file.
  • Drag and drop file transfer interface.
  • Video saved as a .MKV or .MP4 video format to PC hard drive.
MarineNav's Flight Control System software (FCS) software is a touch-sensitive user interface displaying streaming data of the ROV while in flight

Topside Heads Up Display (HUD)

Heads Up Display (HUD) presents many of the same crucial ROV function readings found in the Flight Control System software, providing users with the convenience of piloting the ROV while maintaining focus on the video monitor’s streaming video feed. Heads Up Display is customizable users can toggle between two design interfaces or turn off the HUD interface if preferred. All HUD overlay data will be captured on video when the record function is engaged.

MarineNav's proprietary Flight Control System software displays streaming data of your ROV system in flight. Monitor and control ROV functions via a touch-sensitive 10.1 TFT panel.
MarineNav's Heads Up Display (HUD) displays essential ROV flight behaviour in real-time as a data overlay on the topside video screen. HUD data display opacity can be adjusted and recorded to video or image capture.

Rugged construction to withstand the elements
Constructed from marine-grade materials, MarineNav's Oceanus handheld controllers are IP-rated to withstand harsh weather and feature plug-and-play functionality via connection to the Oceanus Topside via one of the available USB ports.

Fully integrated ROV handheld controllers function in unison with the proprietary Flight Control System software. Simple button commands provide access to the most crucial ROV functions, while a combination of joystick and secondary dials or thumbwheels provide intuitive ROV piloting. Fitting comfortably in your hands, all hand controllers feature designed button placement for ease of use.
× The Oceanus Handheld Controller (v3.0) is an ROV system upgrade that replaces the standard Oceanus Handheld Controller (v2.1). Handheld Controller (v3.0) is compatible with the Oceanus Mini Lite, Mini and Oceanus Pro ROV systems. 

MarineNAV's oceanus rov Handheld controller

From left: Oceanus Handcontroller (v2.1) developed for the Oceanus Mini and Pro, Oceanus Ultimate Handcontroller (v4) developed for use with the Oceanus Ultimate, and the Oceanus Handcontroller (v3). An optional upgrade available for use with the Oceanus Mini and Pro ROV systems

Standard Handheld Joystick Controller features include:

  • Rugged construction, IP65-rated
    Rugged construction using marine-grade components, MarineNav handheld controllers can resist bumps, impacts and drops. And with an IP65 rating, the Oceanus Handheld Controllers withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • 3-axis joystick featuring Hall-effect technologies
    Responsive ROV thruster momentum achieved when directing the joystick in relative directions. Rotational control provides left or right turns.
  • Precise ROV depth control
    MarineNav Oceanus handheld controllers feature a side Potentiometer dial (v2.1) or a responsive thumbwheel slider (v3.0 and v4.0).
  • Button commands engage the ROV thrusters
    Button commands control ROV horizontal thrusters. Press and hold buttons to increase velocity to create forward or reverse ROV momentum.
  • Button commands control the camera gimbal and camera functions
    Button commands control camera gimbal tilt movement, video recording and image capture.
  • Button commands control ROV lights
    Use button commands to increase or decrease the strength of ROV lights in incremental amounts of 10% power.
  • Pitch and Roll control (Ultimate ROV)
    MarineNav's version 4.0 handheld controller features micro-joystick control of ROV pitch and roll momentum.
  • Control ROV manipulators
    Button commands control single-axis manipulator jaw open and close actions (v2.1). The rotating manipulator features an integrated design to respond to button commands from handheld controllers (v3.0) and (v4.0). The jaw open and close function and rotating head movement are all achieved via corresponding button commands. 

Side by side view of the Oceanus Hand Controller (v2.1) and the Oceanus Ultimate Hand controller (v4.0) developed for the Oceanus Ultimate)
Top view of main button array of MarineNav Hand Controllers
The Oceanus Ultimate Hand Controller with command button array, thumb wheel, micro joystick and main joystick controls
The Oceanus Hand Controller (v3.0) is an optional upgrade for use with MarineNav's Oceanus Mini and Pro ROV systems
The Oceanus Ultimate Hand Controller features two micro-joysticks
The Oceanus Hand Controller (v3.0) is an optional upgrade for use with MarineNav's Oceanus Mini and Pro ROV systems
ROV Tether Cable connects the ROV to the Topside Control Case and provides communications, video, and a pair of independent auxiliary conductors for accessory use if available. The tether cable consists of conductors, an aramid strength member, a flotation material, and an outer jacket. Tether strain relief clips constructed from marine-grade metals at all connection points prevent ROV separation and potential damage to the connected tether.

ROV tether manufactured on-site to custom lengths of up to 500 meters. Connect two tether cable segments to a maximum of 450 meters. Connect three cable segments for a maximum of 400 meters.
MarineNav sources tether from a Canadian manufacturer. MarineNav manufactures the male and female tether connecting ends, with the final assembly completed on-site.

MarineNAV's oceanus nuetrally buoyant tether

Close-up detail of MarineNav's 8-pin connector ends. MarineNav creates bespoke lengths of neutrally buoyant tether up to 500m in length

Neutrally buoyant tether with 9-pin tether connector ends

Terms and conditions

* MarineNav offers a two-year limited warranty on most products upon registering the product within the first year of purchase. Conditions apply.
× Hand Controller (v3.0) is available as an optional system upgrade available to customers who purchase MarineNav's Oceanus Mini Lite, or the Oceanus Mini ROV systems.

MarineNav Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our certified Quality Management System ensures that each unit we produce adheres to the strictest standards and complies with customer requirements. While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all items and descriptions in this document, this is not always possible. Specifications, options, pricing, and product availability are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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